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Information On How To Further Your Education In USA For Free In 2018.

Posted: 02 Jun 2018 In International Scholarships By Ceejay for School | 0 Comments


Did you know that you can study in USA for free? Now you know. Another question quickly comes to mind, “If what you are saying is true, then how do I study in USA for free?”

In this article, I will share the two possible
ways you can study in USA for free. My Idea and that of current school news is expressed here.

It is no news that University education in the US is very expensive . However, you can study there for free through the two gateways below:

1. Grants.
2. Scholarship.

1) Grants:
Grant means free money or free money
translates to free study. Grant is an amount of money that is given to a student to study in a university. Grants are not to be paid back, students can receive grants from a plethora of
benefactors like the government, the
university financial aid office, community
cooperatives etc. The size of a grant varies from a few hundred
dollars to several thousands of dollars and there is nothing stopping a student from benefiting from different grants.
A student seeking to study in the US for free can do so by looking for various grants and expressing interest in getting them. As a general rule, most grants are need based and are issued irrespective of academic achievement.
For a student who wants to study free in
the USA grants can play a vital role in
alleviating the financial burden of furthering your education. When it comes to getting a grant, there are certain things that will be required of the student, like
i) The student will be required to write an
essay indicating interest in the grant. Essay writing is of utmost importance when seeking for grants to study in USA for free. The student applying for a grant, when writing an essay, should make the essay to be straight to the point, concise and fact based.
ii) The student will also be required to
produce evidence that the grant is essential for the students to study in the USA with any setback. Provided the student can prove to be indigent or in real need, this should not be an issue.
iii) In the grant application process
examinations are generally not required, the review board only needs to ascertain the truthfulness of the students’ claims for the grant.

2)    Scholarships:
There are many kinds of scholarships that will permit a student to study free In the US, some of them are
i) Athletic scholarships – Athletic scholarships are 100% merit based scholarships, they are awarded to individuals who are exceptional in
any sport, and be it soccer, rugby, football or even cycling. Other than the student being exceptional at the sport, the student is expected to maintain a certain GPA.
ii) Academic scholarship – Students that
benefit for this kind of scholarship get to
study in for free in the USA by sheer virtue of their intellect and academic prowess. Prestige is often associated with is scholarships and it more often than sets the pace for the students’ future career.
iii) Brand scholarships – Not as common as academic or athletic scholarship. Scholarshipsbof this nature are more diverse and might not even be merit based. All that is needed to get
this kind of scholarship is that the student has a track record. Leadership scholarship, beauty scholarships or even music scholarships all fall under the category of brand scholarship.
Grants and scholarships form the basis for a student who wants to Study In US For Free.

Albeit that there are a lot of scholarships and grants for a student, the student needs to know what to do to get these opportunities,bsome of the things that will be required of the student are
Resilience. The student applying for
scholarships and grants may not be
successful in a lot of the applications, but
the student needs to keep on strategizing
and applying. Sooner or later the student
will get the opportunity and study in the
USA for free.

Meticulousness. One of the key
distinguishing features between students
who study in the USA for free and those
who don’t is their attention to detail. In
successfully applying for scholarships,
attention to detail will often set students
apart. A student that maintain a poised
and organized manner when applying,
most times end up successful.

Benefits Of Studying For Free
In The US:

1. Financial benefits– The financial benefits of free education is overwhelming, the free education, especially to a university in the
United States of America, allows the student to have more time get other jobs . The student saves more money and has extra to pay for other emergencies that may arise during the length of their course of study.

2. Educational benefits– A person studying in the US for free has some distinct advantages over another person who pays for the education with their personal money. The student is regarded as more prestigious and accomplished because dull students are not perceived to be able to study for free.

3. Career benefits – A student studying for free in a university in the United States of America has a lot of time to learn skills and other things that will further improve their future career. The scholarship opens the successful scholar to a world of opportunities, ranging from attractive job offers to an invitation to fellowships and research groups.

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