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16-Year Old Who Broke College Records With 343 JAMB Score Gets Cash Prize

Posted: 15 Apr 2018 In Jamb By Ceejay for School | 0 Comments


THE first time Ibrahim Ajibade wrote the Joint Admission 

and Matriculation Board, JAMB Examination in 2017, he 

was 15 and scored a whopping 299. He went on to write 

the University of Lagos, Post Unified Tertiary Matriculation 

Examination, UTME, and got one of the highest scores that 

year. He was however refused admission on age ground. 

Only 16-year-olds and above can be admitted into 

universities in Nigerian. 

Ibrahim wasn’t however deterred. He studied harder, added 

a year and sat again for the examination this year. As if 

reinvigoured, he surpassed last year’s scores by miles, 

returning with an amazing score of 343. He also became 

the first ever student to score that high in the 24-year 

history of his tutorial centre, Adams College, Oshodi, where 

he took classes for the examination. 

In recognition of the feat, Ibrahim was honoured alongside 

80 others including another 16-year-old, Edgar Onyemuche, 

who scored 341 and 19-year-old Adekanbi Iyanuoluwa, who 

scored 342. 

Ibrahim who attended Vanguards Academy, Ijebu Ode 

wants to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the 

University of Lagos because of his passion and love for 

electronics. With the help of God and his father, who is an 

Electrical and Electronics Engineer, he hopes to start a 

smartphone manufacturing company in Nigeria sometime 


Asked to share the secrets of his success, Ibrahim said he 

reads but not much. He however said, “What I read, I don’t 

forget.” He also said this year’s exam was “very easy,” 

adding that he knew he would do well right from the 

moment he cliqued submit in his centre, although he 

wasn’t sure of what he would score. 

More surprising is Ibrahim’s declaration that, “I was not the 

best in my class at Vanguards Academy. We were 34 and I 

wasn’t among the first 20. I was only good in Mathematics 

and average in other subjects. But when I came to Adams 

College, Mr Adams by himself transformed my Physics and 

Chemistry, which helped me a lot.” 

For his brilliance, Ibrahim got a reward of N100, 000 from 

a parent, Mr Adekunle Fatai. 

A visibly proud father, Engineer Abdulafeez Ajibade 

described his son as a fighter, who, if given little guidance 

will always do well. He however said he never in anyway 

tele-guided him to follow in his footsteps but said he 

supported and will keep supporting him in his endeavour. 

His mother, Sherifat Yusuf Ajibade on her part says Ibrahim 

plays a lot but has always been very intelligent. 

As a mother, she said all she does is encourage him, 

“especially when I found out that with encouragement and 

motivation, he does very marvelous things.” 

19-year-old Adekanbi Iyanuoluwa, who scored 342 from the 

same centre intends to study Medicine and Surgery at the 

University of Lagos. She actually thought she would score 

less and was therefore pleasantly surprised. 

Iyanuoluwa who has written JAMB 3 times and scored 247, 

202 and 274 respectively said she kept rewriting the exam 

because she needed a higher score to study her choice 

course, Medicine and Surgery. 

On her study routine, she said she usually study after a nap 

until she feels tired and sleepy. She also hinted that 

Adams College brought out the potentials in her. 

On his part, Edgar Onyemuche, 16, who scored 341 said he 

also first wrote JAMB at 15 and scored 278. 

He said he chose study Mechanical Engineering in Unilag 

because he feels it is one of the best universities in the 


Edgar, who also said he wasn’t particularly the best in his 

secondary school said, “When I saw my score, it was 

unbelievable because I wasn’t expecting it. It was like a 

dream. JAMB released other results before mine so when it 

came, I couldn’t believe it.” 

His pattern of study, he said, is “30 minutes, take a break, 

and then go back again,” adding that he believes more in 

knowing and taking advantage of one’s strength. 

Founder of Adams College, Adams Adebola expressed 

visible joy during the awards ceremony, saying he feels 

happy seeing young boys and girls who have distinguished 

themselves and embraced hard work. 

“At Adams College, we always embrace hard work; for 

example, before they wrote their JAMB examination, we did 

six monthly examinations which we call MOCK. This is 

done to be able to know their challenges and we encourage 

them by giving gifts to the best five students in all the 


“Also, if in a school students know that you don’t embrace 

malpractices, they know they have to read to pass.” 

“We also let them know that if they continue with the 

culture of hard work, there are scholarship opportunities 

opened to them which is why many of our students are on 

scholarship in top universities in Nigeria. 

“We lay a good foundation for them and we teach them 

how to read which they can apply when they are in the 

university. If you are used to our reading lifestyle, it will 

work for you anywhere,” he said. 

Speaking on Ibrahim’s performance, Mr Adams said he 

didn’t expect anyone in the college to score as high. he 

however said Ibrahim always surprised him during the 

MOCK examinations. “He scored 98 out of 100 in Physics 

which has never happened in the college. We have also 

never recorded 343 in our college. Our students used to 

score 300 and above but never 343,” he said with visible 


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